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Top Shutterfly Alternatives You Could Use for Photo Hosting

Shutterfly is a hosting for photos. It gives you unlimited storage. You can also change your uploads to prints and photo products. Users can also get Shutterfly accustomed photo products to buy. Sometimes you would want Shutterfly alternatives you can use. These sites are similar to Shutterfly. They also allow limitless uploads of pictures. Or they offer a large amount of cloud storage to store your images. You will get the list below.

  • Flickr (Pronounced Flicker):

It is an image hosting site developed by Ludicorp. It was launched in 2003. It is available in 10 international languages. Yahoo! bought it from Ludicorp and made it their official photo hosting site. You can use your Yahoo account to sign up for Flickr account. You can also download its mobile app. Flickr allows users to add as contacts as well. The web url is You will only get a 1 TB of storage for photos and videos.

  • Google Photos:

This is a product of Google. This product was launched in 2014. Due to its popularity, it became the official photo hosting site for Google. Basically, Picasa was a predecessor before Google Photos. Google Photos give limitless photo storage. However, you can only upload pictures lesser than 16 Megapixels. Videos should be 1080 p HD and below. It is basically a good Shutterfly alternatives. However, it does not provide photo printing services. Or order photo products from there.

  • Snapfish:

Snapfish is also one of the good Shutterfly alternatives. It is also a photo hosting website. You can also order prints online. Snapfish also provides international shipping. Users also get limitless storage for your photos. It is owned by District Photo and based in San Francisco, California.

  • Photobucket:

Users can host and share their photos on Photobucket. This is a website and also an app you can use. You can also edit, add effects, etc to those picture uploads. was launched on 2003. Photobucket is used for personal and professional use. Uploads on Photobucket are used for business use on websites like Craiglist and eBay.

  • Instagram:

It is not really one of Shutterfly alternatives. But it is a great way to share your photos as well. You can also be a social butterfly. There are ways to get noticed on Users usually use hashtags or sponsored ads. You can also download the mobile app. This will make photo sharing easier at the tip of your fingers.

Hence, the above are Shutterfly alternatives you can use. Prints costs and photo products costs will vary. The shipping and taxes will also vary.

Contact Shutterfly Customer Service for Support

Shutterfly is an international photo hosting site. It also lets you order those hosted images into prints and photo products. You can also order Shutterfly customized products which you can edit to your liking. There are charges on shipping and also taxes for countries outside of the US. For the US, there are free shipping for certain products. If somehow, orders get misplaced, you can always complain. The Shutterfly Customer Service is there for your support. There are several ways to contact the Shutterfly Contact team. Your queries will not get overlooked.

Shutterfly Customer Service’s Contact Number:

  1. The Phone Number for Shutterfly Support is 888-225-7159.
  2. You can call if you need help creating projects for photo products.
  3. It is best when you call for photo books help. Or you can call for troubleshooting issues like how to order, etc.
  4. Phones are open all day, all weekend.
    • From Monday – Friday, they are open from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm PST.
    • Saturday and Sunday, the phone lines are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm PST.shutterfly support home

Shutterfly Customer Service’s Email Service:

  1. On your web browser, go to Shutterfly Email Us page.
  2. In that page, you would have to fill up a form.
  3. First, type in your First Name.
  4. Next, type in your Second Name.
  5. Type in a valid email address below.
  6. Type in the Subject of your inquiry or complaint, etc.
  7. Next, type in a question you would like to ask.
  8. Select the product you wish to inquire or complain about.
  9. After that, select a reason.
  10. Type in your Order Number.
  11. If there is an image, upload it. This is when you get damaged goods.
  12. Click on Continue button.
  13. You have now emailed the support team at Shutterfly.shutterfly customer service email

Shutterfly Customer Service’s Live Chat:

  1. Go to Shutterfly Live Chat on your browser. Click the link provided.
  2. You can inquire about anything related to Shutterfly.
  3. The Live Chat is also available on all days of the week.
  4. From Monday – Friday, you can live chat from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm PST.
  5. Saturday and Sunday, you can live chat from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm PST.

The above are the types of Shutterfly customer service available. You can also go to SHUTTERFLY, INC. HEADQUARTERS at 2800 Bridge Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065.