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Personalized Shutterfly Calendar for 2017

Shutterfly is also an online destination for shopping for photo printing services. Or you can order personalized photo products from it. There are also other Shutterfly products you can order by editing them to your like. With all these factors, Shutterfly is also an image hosting website. One great personalized product is your Shutterfly Calendar. There are different varieties you can pick from. You can use your images to make the calendar. There are also other products you can buy from the Shutterfly site.

Ordering Shutterfly Calendar for Your Walls:

  1. You can personalize it any way you want.
  2. You will need to personally select 12 appropriate images. Make sure the images are high quality.
  3. You can easily make changes while making the wall calendar.
  4. There are lots of designs you can pick from.
  5. You can choose between the 12×12 or 8×11 size.
  6. The starting month can also be personally chosen by you.
  7. There is a promotion for all wall calendars now. You can save 30% with the promo code – BEMINE. This ends on 29th January 2017 PST.shutterfly calendar

Easel Shutterfly Calendar For Dressing Up Your Home Desk or Work Desk:

  1. You can choose from a variety of chic designs.
  2. You can pick out a horizontal or vertical layout with either a square or rounded corner.
  3. It can be printed on 5×7 matte or pearl cardstock.
  4. You can also opt for a bamboo stand. A Gift box is also available.

Shutterfly Calendar For Every Space:

  1. You can purchase a Desk Calendar. It will have a built-in easel for display purposes.
  2. View the year at a glance with your Calendar posters. You can hang this in any living space around the house.
  3. If you want a decor on your refrigerator, purchase a Magnet Calendar.
  4. You can also create a Mouse Pad Calendar. This will keep you reminding of the actual dates. So you can remember important dates more easily.shutterfly calendar for every space

How to Gift or Redeem a Shutterfly Gift Card

Shutterfly is a great site to host your images online. You can also have great fun on this website. You can order prints and photos products online. The great thing about ordering online is getting Shutterfly promo codes which are great savings and discounts. The only thing is you have to order it from or its mobile friendly site. You can also gift a Shutterfly Gift card to someone special. Or you can use the gift card you might have received on the website. Use it to order prints or photo products that comes within the amount of the gift card.

How to Gift a Shutterfly Gift Card:

  1. First, go to on your web browser.
  2. Then, to get logged in, click on the Sign in option.
  3. The Shutterfly login page will load.
  4. Enter your email address and password. Click the orange Sign in button.
  5. Now, look for the Personalized Gifts tab and click on it.
  6. Under All Gifts heading, click on PHOTO GIFTS text.
  7. Scroll down on the Photo Gifts page until you see the Seasonal Gifts section.
  8. Click on the See all > link.
  9. On the Seasonal Gifts page, scroll a bit down.
  10. Click on Gift Certificates.
  11. Select between Electronic or Paper and click on Get started.shutterfly gift card
  12. Next, choose Shutterfly gift card amount. Type in recipient’s name, a message and your name accordingly. Click Next to continue.shutterfly gift certificates
  13. Now, you can click the Add new address button. If not select a preexisting address in the contact list. Select that Contact and click Next.shutterfly gift certificate
  14. On the Shopping Cart page, you can type in a Promo code if you have one. Click Checkout to continue.
  15. Give your Full Name and Card Number. Tick next to Use for future orders if you want so that you do not need to give that information next time.
  16. Then include your Billing address if you wish and click on Save at the bottom.
  17. Now, you can click on Order and your friend or family will get it in their mail.

You can also order this via the Shutterfly mobile site. For those who have received the Shutterfly gift card, read on below. Remember you can only get a Gift card from the website.

How To Redeem Shutterfly Gift Card?

  1. Login to your Shutterfly account from the website or its mobile friendly website.
  2. Go to your My Shutterfly page.shutterfly-my-orders-account-info
  3. Scroll a bit down to the My Order & Account Info section. Click the My account info link there.
  4. Next, click the Gift certificates / gift cards link.
  5. Finally, enter the code of your Shutterfly gift card. And click the arrow key to redeem it.

You can purchase from Shutterfly as long the cost comes with the budget of the gift certificate. So give someone a thoughtful Shutterfly gift certificate today.