How To Download Shutterfly App?

Shutterfly as we already specified is a photo publishing site. Users are able to publish to this website for free. The website hosted almost limitless photos of their users for no extra charge. There is also the business partnership with photographers which however has a cost. Shutterfly is nowadays not only a website to access on your PC. It is also an app that you can download to your smartphones. You will get to access Shutterfly at the tip of your fingertips with the Shutterfly app.

How To Download Shutterfly App for Android Phones/Tabs?

  1. Locate and Tap on the Google Play Store icon on your Android device.
  2. This icon can be located on your Home Screen itself or wherever you placed it.
  3. When using the Play Store App, you must be signed into your Google (Gmail) Account.
  4. Once you are signed in, locate the Search bar which is normally on top.
  5. Type in ‘Shutterfly for Android‘ and press Enter when you are done.
  6. Now, once the Shutterfly app appears, tap on the Install option.
  7. Depending on your internet speed, it can take quite a while.
  8. Do not switch off the phone or internet connection while downloading.
  9. You can then run the Application and login to your Shutterfly account.

shutterfly app for android

How To Download Shutterfly app to iPhone/iPad?

  1. You can either download this app from your App Store or iTunes.
  2. Either way will be successful if you have synced your Apple device to iTunes.
  3. Hence, locate the Search bar and type in ‘Shutterfly‘ and press Enter.
  4. The correct app will be labelled ‘Shutterfly – Prints, Photo Books, Gifts & Unlimited Storage‘.
  5. Click on the Get option that is available, and the app will start downloading.
  6. Once it finishes downloading and being installed to your Apple Device, its icon will appear.
  7. Tap on its icon to start using Shutterfly from your Apple device.
  8. If somehow you downloaded it on iTunes, you first need to sync your iPhone or iPad to iTunes.
  9. You can sync it either by USB cable or by your WiFi connection.

This is how Shutterfly app gets installed to your Apple or Android devices. It can then be used with a Shutterfly login you might have. If not, you can easily create a Shutterfly account from the app itself. You would only require a working and valid email address. Then, enter a secure and unique password and select to Create your new Shutterfly account. Shutterfly For Android can also be download from the url –

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