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Shutterfly lets you upload and host your images for free. There is unlimited storage if you agree to their terms and conditions. You can also use the Shutterfly backup. This way you are sure to never lose photos from your mobile phone. This feature is available on the Shutterfly app. You can enable automatic backup or manual backup. Then, you can turn all these photos into photo products or prints. Do so by going online. You should be able to find a wide range of products on Shutterfly. Make sure you give correct billing address and information.

How to Login on The Shutterfly App:

  1. You must first be logged into the Shutterfly app to continue.
  2. Launch the Shutterfly app on your phone. It can be on your home screen or your Apps drawer. It depends on where you placed it.
  3. Tap on the Account tab when it loads.
  4. Tap on Sign In which is on the bottom.
  5. Type in your email address and password of your Shutterfly login.
  6. Next, tap on the SIGN IN button on the bottom.
  7. You will be signed in if your login details match.shutterfly app login

Signing into the Shutterfly app is just one step to follow with Shutterfly backup. This step was necessary hence, we showed you how to login. If login was not possible, reset your Shutterfly’s password. Click Shutterfly login problems help on how to. Let’s proceed with our Shutterfly Backup details below.

How to Backup Photos With the Shutterfly App?

  1. Now that you are signed in, you will be shown as signed in.
  2. Then, go ahead and tap on the Upload tab.
  3. There is two type of backup you can make with the app.
  4. Automatic Shutterfly Backup on the App:
    • Tap on ENABLE AUTO UPLOAD on the Upload page.
    • Tap on either NEW ALBUM or SHARE SITE icon.
    • Provide an album Name.
    • Choose your Folder.
    • Then, tap on CREATE.
    • All of your photos will then start to upload to the Shutterfly site.automatic shutterfly backup
  5. Manual Shutterfly Backup on the App:
    • Tap on MANUAL UPLOAD in the Upload page of your app.
    • Then, tap on the Album’s thumbnail.
    • Next, you will be able to select which images to upload.
    • Tap on the Upload icon or the Up arrow on the right bottom.
    • This way you can select which album to upload. And which album not to upload.manual shutterfly backup

Now, you can be sure your photos never gets lost. Even if it gets deleted accidentally, you can recover. Make sure not to upload irrevelant pictures to Shutterfly.

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