Common Shutterfly Issues and How to Resolve?

Shutterfly is a website that allows you to host your photo uploads online. It is an internet based photo hosting company. It is based in Redwood City, California. Shutterfly is free for all users to use. This company allows unlimited storage and unlimited uploads. The users can then request their photo uploads to be made into photo products. These photo products can be made singularly or plurally. Meaning you can order it as one photo product or you can make that into several products. You will then be charged for the photo products. There will be also added cost like shipping, etc. However, you can also experience Shutterfly issues when using the site. We will show you how to tackle it.

How To Resolve Common Shutterfly Issues:

  1. Issues with Photo Uploads.

    One very common issue is photo uploading. Sometimes the process can be problematic. Hence, keep these guidelines in mind.

    • Copy all photos to your PC. If you have pictures on other storage units, copy them first to your PC. This is because the storage unit is not reliable at all times. It will take a longer time to read and access them as well.
    • Check for the file format of your photos. Make sure your photos are in the .jpg file format. Also, make sure that they are saved in Baseline Standard in Photoshop.
    • Upload photos in smaller batches. Sometimes, Shutterfly uploads keep having a problem with large batch uploads. Hence, upload pictures in smaller batches of five if the Shutterfly issue keep happening.
    • Do not let your PC or laptop hibernate or sleep during uploads. Make sure your laptop’s battery also does not finish while uploading. This will make all the other uploads redundant.
    • Make your internet speed is optimal. To upload multiple pictures to Shutterfly, make sure you have good internet speed. You should also make sure your internet works fine. It means that your internet does not fluctuate.shutterfly issues
  2. Problems with the Photo Location Problem.

    • One of the most common Shutterfly Issues is the Photo Upload error. If the problem arises to your photo uploads and the transfer did not complete. You should try uploading again. Sometimes, the server reads the wrong computer location of your photos being upload. This issue is always temporary.
    • Using Multiple accounts can be tedious. If you use multiple accounts for Shutterfly login, sometimes uploads might not appear. For instance, if you upload photos to Account A, the uploads might not appear in Account B. Hence, if that happens, sign into both accounts to see whether the photos were properly uploaded.
    • Ordering Wizard can be a problem sometimes. Sometimes when you place an order, the ordering wizard can haywire. Hence, make sure you are always signed into your account before ordering. That way, your order can be saved if the ordering wizard backfires midway.
    • Duplicate photos will not be uploaded. Shutterfly has a system of detecting if the same photo is being uploaded. They will not allow you to upload it. Instead, they will show you a review of the other previous picture you uploaded. Hence, make sure you check your uploads as it can be an issue that can give a headache.
  3. There are warnings you need to look at before ordering Shutterfly photo books.

    • If there are text in your photo books, make sure they fit in the text box it is in. The Advanced Editing mode when making your photo book will show you if the text overlaps. This type of Shutterfly issues cannot be fixed after ordering.
    • Make sure they are no spelling errors in the texts. Use spell check or find someone who is good with Grammar to cross check. This is because a wrong misspell can be quite disastrous.
    • When photos have low resolution, the print can come out awful. Hence, the recommended resolutions for photos in photo books are:
      • 12×12 Photo Book – 2000 x 1600 pixels
      • 8×8 Photo Book – 1600 x 1200 pixels
      • 8×11 Photo Book – 1600 x 1200 pixels
      • 7×9 Photo Book – 1600 x 1200 pixels

Hence, if you follow these advices, you will have less trouble with Shutterfly issues. You can also check out the rest of our articles. Please feel to leave us comments and feedbacks.

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