How To Create Shutterfly Share Site?

Like all photo sharing sites, Shutterfly allows unlimited storage for your photos. The website allows you to use it for free and there are no limitations of uploads There is also the application for your mobile phones which you can use. This application is however not available for all regions. There is an alternate app called ThisLife which can be used by everyone. To let users personalise their experience on Shutterfly, there is the Shutterfly Share site. Shutterfly Share site lets you upload photos in collections. You can set their viewing to Public or those whom you invite to view via email invitations.

How to Create your Own Shutterfly Share Sites?

  1. On your browser, go to the web address –
  2. You should first proceed to login with your Shutterfly account.
  3. For login help, you can refer to our ‘Shutterfly Login‘ article.
  4. If you are a new user, you should register for an account first.
  5. On the Shutterfly login page, enter your email id and password.
  6. Click the ‘Sign in‘ button on the bottom to get logged in.
  7. It is recommended you should sign in first so it becomes easier for you.
  8. Once signed in, you should be on the My Shutterfly page.
  9. You can then see the Share Sites link on the top right side of your browser.
  10. Click on the link to start creating your Shutterfly Share site.
  11. You will be given three options in the type of share sites you want to create.
  12. Then, click on the ‘Create a Site‘ button to start your created,
  13. You will be navigated to the ‘Share Sites | Welcome‘ page on clicking.
  14. Select the site category from the nine available options.
  15. Type in the name of your Shutterfly Share Site in less than 256 characters.
  16. In the next step, you should type in an appropriate website URL in the field provided.
  17. In the last step on that page, select between the two options at the bottom.
  18. Click on Continue to get directed to the next step of creation.
  19. Select the Design for your Share Site by Highlighting that design.
  20. Click on ‘Create Site‘ button  to fully create your Shutterfly Share site.

shutterfly share sites

Once your Share Site is completed, you can start uploading photos. You should then start inviting people to view your site by email invitations. Email invitations is a must if you have restricted the view of your Shutterfly share site. Make sure you share appropriate images so that you will not get banned from Shutterfly. For more info about Shutterfly, you can always refer to our older articles.

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