Shutterfly TripPix – Create Travel Photo Book with an iPhone

Shutterfly might be a photo uploading site. However, it is more than that. It is a place where you can order prints online. You can also create and order other photo products. Basically, Shutterfly will charge for your orders which will include taxes and shipping as well. There is also the Shutterfly app for mobility and convenience. You can also order photo prints from there. Although, it is advisable to use your PC to review other photo products. TripPix is also one way to create Travel Photo books. You can also download its app for your iPhone.

How to Download Shutterfly TripPix on Your iPhone?

  1. Launch the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Search for TripPix in the Search navigational bar of the App Store.
  3. Once its icon appears, click the Get+ button.
  4. You will be asked if you wish to Install.
  5. The App will start downloading and install on its own.
  6. If it finishes downloading, it will appear on the Home Screen.
  7. You can then use it to create Travel photo books on the go.trippix download

Now that TripPix is downloaded to your iPhone, use it to create photo book magic. You can also gift it to other people who might have been on the trip with you.

How to Create Travel Photo Book from TripPix?

  1. Make sure you upload the photos to the Shutterfly using that app.
  2. Then, choose a suitable style that is available. Make sure it suits the story of your adventure.
  3. You can add fun icons to your photo book which helps to illustrate your trip more.
  4. You can also add maps of the place you visited. Then, your picture(s) can appear as pins on that page.
  5. You can then pick a lovely matte cover for the Photo book.
  6. You could also choose a pretty bamboo styling stand to display that photo book.
  7. Then add it to your shopping cart.
  8. You can checkout and give your billing information and payment.

As we mentioned, you can also create them while still on the move. It will be exciting to know that there is a parcel waiting for you upon your arrival. If you wish to create on your PC, use the website. Simply go to and choose the Travel Photo book style. Shutterfly TripPix is only available for iPhones now.

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