What is Shutterfly?

Shutterfly is a photo publishing site that everyone uses and is web based. Shutterfly is an internet based image hosting site from Redwood City, California. Shutterfly lets users sign up for free and uses all the features on the site. Users also use the sites for many other reasons like photo prints, etc. Shutterfly also lets users turn their photos into “tangible” items.┬áThere are also ways to personalize Shutterfly by creating share sites by users. To use Shutterfly’s features and site, you need to have a registered User ID.

Features of Shutterfly.com:

  • You can upload as many pictures as you want as it is limitless.
  • Your uploads can be requested to be made into photo products.
  • You can also create a Shutterfly Share site which is personalized.
  • This share site can be viewed by Public or only those users you share with.
  • You can also get into a business partnership with Shutterfly.com.
  • This business partnership is for photographers looking to sell online.
  • Shutterfly is now an app that you can download to your smartphones or handheld devices like your tablets.
  • There are also promotional packages for photo products you order.
  • These packages are offered as an incentive so customers are contented.

Photo Products Ordered on Shutterfly.com:

  1. Photo Books: This is a great to use your photos to make into a book.
  2. Cards & Stationery: You can print photos into cards and personalize stationery like rubber stamp.
  3. Photo Gifts: These photo gifts will include customized mugs, phone cases, etc with your desired photo print.
  4. Home Decor: Your photos can get printed on home accessories like photo frames, beddings, etc.
  5. Calendars: Your Calendar can now feature your photos of your choosing with this service.
  6. Prints & Posters: You can print your photos in desired prints sizes or posters.
  7. Occasions: For festivities, photo products like Christmas cards can be ordered. These photo products might come with special discounts.


When ordering photo products, you need to give credit card details. You do not have to worry about security breach on shutterfly.com. Shutterfly is an image hosting site for users to publish their photos. There are simple sites like this, for e.g. Snapfish. The most popular image sharing site that is used is Instagram.

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